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SP Binding sLab.One Black - [ka(:)rısma] showroom & concept store
SP Binding sLab.One Black - [ka(:)rısma] showroom & concept store

inkl. MwSt.

inkl. MwSt.

SP Binding Multientry sLab.One Black

Binding sLab.One

The SLAB.ONE binding is a lean and mean working machine designed for fast
laps, big jumps and all-mountain shenanigans. The lightweight aluminium
base bears our new highback with a straight and direct flex, as well as
top-of-the-line technology from top to bottom. True to you in good times
and in bad, this binding is the pick of the bunch for the dedicated ripper.


  • sLab base
  • BC highback
  • ultralight 3D ankle strap
  • alu lever anodized finish
  • evo buckle
  • canted footbed with G-cell impact absorption
  • wrapped basebuffer
  • performer toe strap


    Small (S)      - US Men's 4-8
    Medium (M) - US Men's 6-10
    Large (L)      - US Men's 8-12
    X-Large (XL)- US Men's 11-14